No Limits

The Shona sculptors have all been impressed by Laura Belford’s sculptures. But more than that, they have been impressed by her attitude, ambition and spirit of experimentation. She tends to work large, with the philosophy of “Go big or go home!” and never settles for any project simply because it’s more do-able. To Laura, it’s all do-able. And now that she is coming to trust her skill and talent, there are no projects she is afraid to tackle.

Take her 2013 Workshop project: a 150 pound piece of serpentine. Rather than waiting until she saw something, she just started carving away, getting rid of parts she didn’t like, adding parts she did, until, ta-da, it was time for the big reveal. She has always admired the skills and vision it takes to “weave” the stone – so that’s what she did, creating passthroughs (holes) in the stone to carry lines from one side to the other and back. She revelled in the randomness of the process this year and was rewarded with a truly astonishing sculpture that encapsulates the notion of limitless possibilities. It earned its name: The Big Reveal.


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