New Sculpture “Fay” at Sculptor’s Touch

It took 8 months!  Not continuous work, but probably an average of 4-6 hours every weekend to finish my first sculpture in marble.  Hand tools do the job, although it’s easy  to see why so many sculptors working in this material use power tools! SONY DSC There were weeks when I felt I was making no progress at all, despite chipping and rasping away at it for hours!

But the sanding stage with this sculpture was a bit of a revelation. Using 150 grit sandpaper leaves most stone smooth but dull. With marble, it actually started to shine at that stage and just got shinier and shinier as I progressed through the grits. By the time I reached 2000 grit it was as shiny as a mirror and about 20 times harder.

I managed to get a few photos where the glare and colours don’t overwhelm the shape, although it took 40 shots to get a few usable ones – and most of those were from before I polished and waxed her.

I finally decided to call her Fay rather than Fae because I see her as a “who” rather than simply a “what”. Her pointy ears and forest coloration definitely give her an ancient, woodsy, otherworldly feel.

You can see some other photos of Fay at Sculptor’s Touch.

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