Keep Multiple Works in Progress

Since stone is such a slow-moving medium to work on with traditional tools, most reasonably prolific sculptors we’ve talked to (we’ll define reasonably prolific as anyone who likes sculpting enough to do it on their own when they’re not taking lessons) admit to having more than one piece on the go at any given time. The Zimbabwean sculptors who have tutored us at workshops are all professionals who put out anywhere from three sculptures a month to three a week tell us that it’s not unusual for them to have at least one sculpture at every stage in the process – so they would typically have two that are roughly shaped out, a few that are at the point chisel stage, a few that they’re rasping and at least one that is in the finishing stage. The trick with the finishing stage is that once you get there, the finish line is in sight, so it’s hard to keep yourself from pushing through to the end – especially if you’ve caught a glimpse of the deep colours, shades and patterns. See Little Sinker below.




This way, you always have something to work on, whether you’re in the mood for shaping or refining or finishing. Somedays one of your sculptures may get you more excited – and that’s the one you want to work on. If you’re working on a big sculpture like Laura’s “Dancing with My Baby” that stands 4′ 6″ and weighs in excess of 350 pounds, it’s sometimes nice just to work on something you can finish within a week.

Top pictures: Shy Couple new Work in Progress by Laura Belford,

2nd Row: Dancin With My Baby longstanding Work in Progress by Laura Belford, Fae longstanding Work in Progress (my 1st sculpture in marble!) by DLSproule and Little Sinker which Laura started and completed in three days when she felt a need to get something done!

3rd row: Cernunnos new Work in Progress by DLSproule

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