When Life Gives Ya Lemons

Laura made a fish on Sunday. Not for dinner – she carved it out of purple wonderstone. It’s beautiful – a bit translucent, with gold specs throughout. Admittedly, you’d break your teeth if you tried to eat it, but this fish is for looking at rather than eating.


Laura’s calling it Little Sinker. This fish was born by accident. Laura has a big chunk of purple wonderstone that she had envisioned as a circle of people holding hands – a family. But about 20 minutes into the carving process, a big five pound chunk sheared off, ruining her plans. Thus…when life gives ya lemons…

She took her five pound “catch” and created something fun and whimsical. It took about three carving days to take this piece from chunk o rock to Little Sinker.

Drop over to www.sculptorstouch.com over the next few days for more pics…

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